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At Clear speech each client is an individual and each program is tailored to your needs: your particular accent, voice or speech problem, your learning style and availability
How many sessions you will need to see a significant improvement in your voice, speech or accent will depend on many factors including:

  • Your motivation and commitment to practice
  • For accents, how strong your accent is and how different your native language is from English
  • For voice and presentation, success will depend on the nature of the original problem
  • After 6-8 sessions you will usually see a significant change in your accent if you practice as suggested
  • If you are working on voice you will usually see a significant change after 4 to 6 sessions if you practice as suggested 

How to book your course:

Please email and let us know:

  • What you wish to work on (voice/presentation/accent/other speech problem)
  • A phone contact number and a good time to reach you so you can receive your free 15 minute consultation
  • Any other questions you might have (please check the FAQ section, as several commonly asked questions are answered there)

Booking sessions as you go: a 90 minute session is $225, 60 minute sessions are $150

Booking a block of sessions: Discounts are offered for advance payment  

  • 90 minute assessment/ six 60 minute sessions: $1075 (a savings of $50)
  • 90 minute assessment/ seven 60 minute sessions: $1180 (a savings of $95)
  • 90 minute assessment/ eight 60 minute sessions: $1245 (a savings of $180)

You may pay defer the block payment until after your assessment to give you the opportunity to learn about what is involved in the accent reduction/voice or speech improvement process.

  • Clients are always encouraged to bring in materials from work to keep sessions connected to what is most important to them. Video recording is an important tool that assists in your work to improve your communication 
  • Many workplace insurance plans provide coverage for the services of a registered Speech-Language Pathologist. Check with your individual insurer to determine the extent of your coverage
  • Payments can be made by personal cheque or cash (we do not take credit cards).  A receipt is provided that you can submit to your workplace insurer if you have one


  • An initial assessment interview, digital recording
  • A personalized written assessment and learning program 
  • Written and digitally produced training materials 
  • A digitally recorded re-evaluation to measure your success. 
  • A self study program for continued improvement at the end of the course. 

The Clear Speech studio is located at 633 Rhodes Avenue view map