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Accent Modification           

What is an Accent? -

An accent is most often equated with the vocabulary or speech patterns of a specific group of people, such as "She has a very strong French accent". Often related to immigrants, an accent can also be a distinctive oral expression from people within the same country. Western Canadians can feel that Canadians from the eastern provinces have a very different English accent then themselves. In a country as diverse as Canada, and in a multicultural city like Toronto, the presence of so many unique accents can present many difficulties for communication between people.

Why Accent Modification?

The main reason for accent modification is quite often your career. A strong accent - whether it be a regional dialect or foreign accent - can be a distraction within the workplace. Success in getting a job or advancing within your current career depends largely on clear and effective communication. For many companies clear communication among its employees and clients means a better bottom line and they often support a worker's plans for accent modification.

Have you ever felt that you are not being taken seriously because of your accent? Or that the other person is not listening to you but focused on your accent? As the saying goes, "Time is money". The more time you must spend making yourself understood, the less money you are making for yourself and your company.

But accent modification does not mean you need to lose your dialect completely. Indeed, the way we speak is who we are and unique for each of us. Accent modification can help give you the ability to turn on or off your accent to control the way you speak to different people.

Accent Modification Benefits

  • You will communicate with peers more clearly and effectively

  • Your accent will no longer be the focus, your words will be

  • You will feel more confident speaking to groups of people

  • You will communicate better over the phone

  • You will spend less time thinking about your accent and more time on becoming successful


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